Top 3 Advices for Adsense Publishers.

1- FOLLOW GOOGLE RULES: Never, under no circumstance, do something against the Policy of Adsense. This could lead to the termination of your Google account with the consequent damage will occur. Before beginning with the program, read with thoroughness the Policies of the Program.
2-DO A SITE PLANNED FOR VISITORS: This do not stop spiders and robots for indexing your site. It is very common that the inexperimentado Webmaster makes a page optimized only to get listed in the first positions of the finders, but forgets the quality the content. Remember, and this is very but important, one of the best forms to obtain traffic is that visitors feel comfotable in your site and they recommend your site to others. If you have original content, unpublished and useful, you will make sure that many people will be interested in it and your site will have more visitors. If, on the contrary, your site stinks out... good, all will try to avoid it. In addition, of course, a good site assures the return of the visitors.
3-INCREASE YOUR PAGERANK: This is one of the most important things to set good traffic to your site. Although it is certain that you must avoid to make a site intended only for search engines, you must make a site that attract traffic from the principal search engines. By prettier and useful than it is your site, if nobody can find it, nobody will recommend it. So one of the priorities is to raise your Pagerank.
The Pagerank is a google measurement of the popularity of your Web, according to Google. While more sites link to your site, higher it will be your Pagerank. Whit more Pagerank, your site will be better positioned in the searches. Of course, the subject is more complex, and deserves study. Be enough to say that you must elevate your Pagerank. There are many ways to do this and to improve the positioning in the Web. For achieving that goal you better start to put your site in all the directories you can find, giving priority to dmoz.org, google.com and Yahoo.com. If you participate in forums, the best thing is to have like signature the direction of your site.
Also, and if you are a blogger, or visit other peoples blog you can leave to opinions in the commentaries, putting the direction of your site in the field.
Try to surf the web looking for information about how to boost your Rank.
Remember: while more high is the Pagerank of the site that connects to you, far better.

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