Top 3 Advices for Adsense Publishers.

1- FOLLOW GOOGLE RULES: Never, under no circumstance, do something against the Policy of Adsense. This could lead to the termination of your Google account with the consequent damage will occur. Before beginning with the program, read with thoroughness the Policies of the Program.
2-DO A SITE PLANNED FOR VISITORS: This do not stop spiders and robots for indexing your site. It is very common that the inexperimentado Webmaster makes a page optimized only to get listed in the first positions of the finders, but forgets the quality the content. Remember, and this is very but important, one of the best forms to obtain traffic is that visitors feel comfotable in your site and they recommend your site to others. If you have original content, unpublished and useful, you will make sure that many people will be interested in it and your site will have more visitors. If, on the contrary, your site stinks out... good, all will try to avoid it. In addition, of course, a good site assures the return of the visitors.
3-INCREASE YOUR PAGERANK: This is one of the most important things to set good traffic to your site. Although it is certain that you must avoid to make a site intended only for search engines, you must make a site that attract traffic from the principal search engines. By prettier and useful than it is your site, if nobody can find it, nobody will recommend it. So one of the priorities is to raise your Pagerank.
The Pagerank is a google measurement of the popularity of your Web, according to Google. While more sites link to your site, higher it will be your Pagerank. Whit more Pagerank, your site will be better positioned in the searches. Of course, the subject is more complex, and deserves study. Be enough to say that you must elevate your Pagerank. There are many ways to do this and to improve the positioning in the Web. For achieving that goal you better start to put your site in all the directories you can find, giving priority to dmoz.org, google.com and Yahoo.com. If you participate in forums, the best thing is to have like signature the direction of your site.
Also, and if you are a blogger, or visit other peoples blog you can leave to opinions in the commentaries, putting the direction of your site in the field.
Try to surf the web looking for information about how to boost your Rank.
Remember: while more high is the Pagerank of the site that connects to you, far better.

Top Adsense Tips

The unique content is the key of the succes.
Create unique content for your blog and you will see an increase of gains in your AdSense and thus you will classify well in the Search Finders. The opposite of this is what many new bloggers do. They create a blog add some articles (2 or 3), soon they add its code of adsense and they leave it thus.
If you want to obtain a good Pagerank and high CPC and CPMs you must create an original blog, make your blog an authority in your niche.
The better paid key words : its useful to investigate around th web for the most profitable keywords in Google AdSense, you will earn more money with a site that has original content, authority, and that contains high profitable keywords. Obviously if you compete with highly competitive key words (that are the key words better paid) you are compiting against lot of webmasters and against well stablished sites, because of that you will have less opportunities to be successful, but if you succed you will have good profits out of your blog.
Improve the position of the Ads in your Site.
Avoid to put announcements in the lateral bar and replace it with inlaid great format blocks of ads between the content or the posts in case you have a Blog.
Here it is a section of code to do this possible:
Your AdSense code Here

This code causes that your announcements appear in the left part of your content. Some webmasters think that the first part of the site that get observed by a user is the left side.
You need to be careful that the quality of the clicks is not lowered by the location of the ads. Between more links out you have in your articles, you will have less CPC.

Ways to Gain More Money with Adsense

One of the best ways to gain more money with Adsense is the following one:
1ยบ Go to Adwords keyword tool from Google. There we search for the keywords we want to use in our website. For example we introduce search generic terms related to the general topic of our Web
Ej. Money: Money, Win Money, Monetize, etc..

We see in the resulting image the amount of searches and the competition of the advertiser. What we must do is to select the terms with more search average and those than have a greater competition of advertiser, which means that the greater it is the competition of the advertiser the greater amount of money must be payed by click to appear first on the google results page or in a particular website. Once selected our list of key words we will have to go to the traffic estimator:
There we introduce the terms we have selected, and that we think are more important to generate money with Adsense. Once made this we will see the price of the considered CPC, the estimation of click to the day, the volume of searches, etc.... with this we will be deciding towards what words we want to orient the publicity in our page.
Once we have seen all the data we can choose that key words to choose to use in our Web.
Some tricks to increase the SEO of those keywords in our website are:
-Increasing the density within the body of the text or in the page
-Using Negrita or Underline
-Putting it in the titles of articles or posts

Improve the position of your Adsense Blocks.

1.Every time follow the Adsense Heat Map, it was designed to optimize your ads exposure and to boost their perform. Red spots are the best and pale spots are of low performance.
2.The blocks of AdSense links can be a good source of income if they are located somewhere near the navigation links of the site or where the main attention of the user went while surfing your site.
3. The announcements that are not mixed with the bottom do not work well.
4. The announcements that are located in Lateral or underneath break of the page are rarely visible for the visitors of the site.
5. The announcements that are placed in the Lateral often do not work well.
6. The perfect location for a box search is in the right corner superior or close to her. Additionally the page of results search must be within your site so that the visitors do not leave your page.
7. An announcement of 250 x 250 or 336 x 280 placed with the content of your site (near the title of the article) is usually very effective.
8. The announcements that are placed at the end of an article are usually effective in long articles. The users would read the complete article and soon they would look for additional readings.

Adsense Referals program regrets and decide not to retire its program of countries that are outside the United States, Japan and Latin America

Adsense Referals program regrets and decide not to retire its program of countries that are outside the United States, Japan and Latin America, but introduces a substantial change to them. For example, if you live in Spain, they will only count the referals that you generate in the United States, Japan and Latin America, but not those on your own country, or any other not included in these countries and latinoamerica. So far this single information was published the official blog of Adsense in English.
Another important news is that there will be changes in the referal programs of the Google Pack and Firefox: Google Pack: The gain of $ 2 for download and installation of the Google Pack, descends to u$s 1, independent of the origin of the referred one. Firefox: They do not clarify amount, but also they reduce the commissions.

Types of AdSense

Google have at the publishers disposition a wide variety of ads. In its main site you will find all the formats of AdSense. There are six types of different publicity in AdSense:
Text announcements - The most important, those than will gave you more gains and the only ones that are configurable.
Graphical announcements - Images instead of text Show. They can be useful to obtain income by CPM, with no need of clicks.
Video announcements - Similar to previous but with animated or video format in contrast with static graphic ads.
Blocks of Links - Very useful for the user and if well optimized, they can be very profitable to a webmaster. They are based on connections to searches predetermined by AdSense on certain words, reason why each click in a publicity connection has a very high CPC.
References to products - products of the own Google Sell. Publicity of payment by action can be considered, and in some occasions they are a good complement to the gains of AdSense. Nevertheless, most of the occasions they are not very profitable.
Thematic announcements - They are announcements of text but designed and focused to certain events and local celebrations. They are not very habitual.


CPC means Cost per Click Ads, while CPM means Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions of the Ad.

The graphical announcements and text announcements can be paid as much by CPM as by CPC. Google decides automatically wich one to display according the bids of each format of ad for a especific site according the contextual keywords that surround the Adsense code.
So the publisher cannot decide wich type of Ad to show in his site, he just put the code and Google deliver either CPC or CPM ads.

How much will you earn from Adsense.

The income of Adsense vary from one web to the other. Google calculates the price that pays by each click in an announcement by means of a complex calculation that includes diverse variables, among them the importance of the page, the relevance of the content, etc. You can get a glimpse of the CPC of some especific keywords using the Adsense sandbox and then decide what keywords work best for you. Basically the income you get from Adsense depends on the ammount of traffic of your page or Blog.

AdSenseLog. Program to monitorize your Adsense.

AdSenseLog. Program to monitorize your Adsense. The program is free, but only if you do not surpass the 100$ of monthly income, if your monthly income surpass the 100$ you will be able to buy it by 50$. The program allows us to verify and to analyze the state of our account of Google Adsense. You can get information of the performing of your Ads CPC, CPM, etc..


What you have to do to have Adsense in your Web.

The only thing which you must do is to go to the main page of Adsense, register, fill the format and the type of the announcements that you want to show and then put the code in your Web or blog. They just ask for some personal information and the main site where you gonna put the Adsense. Later on you can put the Adsense code in different websites without need to be approved as long as this sites fit into the google terms. It is very simple and the process to get accepted into Adsense program is very fast if you do it through Blogger.